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Electrical FAQS – Frequently asked questions

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I plug my hair dryer in the bathroom and when the air conditioner is on in the bedroom the breaker trips, Why?
This type of problem, common in older homes is due to overloaded circuits. The best solution is to run new circuits to the appliances that require more current. In this example a new 20 amp circuit for the bathroom and a new circuit for the air conditioner would be a good solution.

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Electrical Safety Tips Anyone Can Follow

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Appliances are an integral part of every household, from a simple electric clock to the microwave oven to decorative holiday lights. These safety tips can help keep all appliances operating safely:

•Unplug unused appliances and stow cords safely out of reach of pets, young children or hazardous situations.
•Appliances that generate heat, such as clocks, televisions and computer monitors, should be given several inches of clearance all around for good air circulation and cooling. Do not drape clothes, toys or other items over warm appliances.
•Always follow appliance instructions carefully, and do not attempt amateur repairs or upgrades.
•Keep all electrical appliances away from water such as sinks, bathtubs, pools or overhead vents that may drip.
•Do not operate any electrical appliance with wet hands or while standing in water.
•Keep clothes, curtains, toys and other potentially combustible materials at least three feet away from radiators, space heaters, heating vents and other heat sources.

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A Brownout, or Power Surge, Can Damage Household Appliances

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Did you know that a brownout, or power surge, can damage household appliances, your TV set and even your computer? Such surges, or power failures, are more common in the summer, when increased electrical use due to air conditioning overloads the local power supply with increased energy demand. You can protect your computer with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Some people also use a UPS with their television set. Contact us for more information!

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