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Appliance Won’t Work

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Check for:

•Overloaded circuit
•Damaged plug
•Damaged cord
•Loose wiring
•Defect in appliance or lamp

•Test for overload — shift appliance or lamp to another circuit
•Replace plug
•Replace cord
•Tighten connections at switch or receptacle
•Test in another circuit — repair if faulty


Main Breaker Generator Panel

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Generator PanelWhat is main breaker generator panel?
The main breaker generator panel connects the residential generator with the electrical system of your home. It is the ideal on/off switching system that allows the homeowner to switch between power provided by the electrical utility and the generator.
Why do I need one?
In the event of a power outage, the homeowner can switch power source from the utility to the generator to ensure continuous operation of critical appliances such as lighting, refrigerators, air conditioning and water heaters.


Hurricane Season Emergency Preparedness

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The 2010 hurricane season is upon us, and weather forecasters predict an especially active hurricane season. Are you prepared for hurricanes, and their spin-off tornadoes? Create a family emergency plan — designate a meeting spot and stock up on needed supplies such as food, water and medicine. You may also want to buy a generator, as power can be out for days after a hurricane or tornado strikes. Contact us for your generator needs.

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