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Tamper Resistant (TR) Child Safety Receptacles

Thousands of injuries to children are reported each year, particularly to those less than 10 years old who attempt to insert foreign objects into receptacles.

Tamper Resistant Child Safety receptacles are permanent and offer continuous protection, even if a plug is removed. The shutters inside a Tamper Resistant Child Safety receptacle will not open or allow access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted, which ensures that hairpins, keys or other ordinary household objects children try to insert will usually be locked out.

$10.00 per receptacle

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Advanced Warning Dual Function Detection in One Unit

Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) represent two major threats to the health and lives of homeowners and their families. Fire and smoke are visible, providing you with warning of their presence, but carbon monoxide issues no warning signs — it’s odorless and can build up over time.

The BRK Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm packs many features into a single unit. The chief advantage is its dual functionality, eliminating the need for separate CO and smoke detectors. It’s a 120-volt wired unit with a battery backup that will keep it running for up to a month in case of a power failure.

$75.00 per CO/Smoke Detector

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